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Western Sonwy Plover season has started for 2021.

The Western Snowy Plover is a threatened small shorebird, approximately the size of a sparrow. Plover nests usually contain three tiny eggs, which are camouflaged to look like sand and barely visible to even the most well-trained trained eye. Plovers will use almost anything they can find on the beach to make their nests, including kelp, driftwood, shells, rocks, and even human footprints. Allowing these small birds to remain in their breeding area, undisturbed, throughout the breeding season is most important. People should be able to recreate on the beaches AND there should be room for plovers to nest too. The idea is to "Share the Shore." This means having fun while protecting our natural environment at the same time.



All pilots that fly at Marina must stay out of the closed area marked with a cable fence and signs. Pilots that land out at the dirty gap or south dune may relaunch at North Dune, South Dune, Lakecourt or back at the parking lot, but you must stay within the designated area marked for our access. The walk up area for 2021 will be clearly marked.


The cable fence can be a danger to a pilot. It is very important that you use good judgment and not put yourself in a situation that could get you near the fence.


Do not kite your paraglider in front of the Plover nesting area as it might scare the birds. It's best to walk up the provided relaunch path, then layout the wing at a much higher part of the dune away from the nests, and relaunch.


Have safe flights and help save the threatened Western Snowy Plover by following the rules.

Please be aware

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